Reasons why businesses fail in digital transformation

The reasons why businesses fail in digital transformation can come from many aspects and are also problems that are not easy to quickly solve.

 Insufficient human resource capacity, no clear plan or difficulty in confirming how to convert, etc. can all be the reasons why your business fails in digital transformation. However, if you know the problems and have timely solutions, you can still solve all these problems. Let Acabiz learn about the reasons why businesses fail in the conversion of the article below.

Difficulty in defining goals and how to convert

Goals are one of the first factors that businesses need to determine before they really step into comprehensive digital transformation. Having difficulty in determining the goal will make the business confused, easy to give up.

Reasons why businesses fail in digital transformation

Next is the conversion method. With a specific goal throughout the digital transformation process, businesses will have many ways to achieve that goal. However, what is the most appropriate, effective and economical way, enterprises must conduct a thorough analysis and selection. Determining the most appropriate way is one of the prerequisites for the success of the digital transformation process.

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There is no consensus across the enterprise

This is one of the top reasons why businesses fail in digital transformation. With our experience in digital transformation in training, we always encourage this to be agreed upon by all employees and management. The digital transformation process must be communicated to all employees from the CEO and all levels of management. There should be a sharing session so that the employees understand the importance and understand the goals set by the business. How the business achieves that goal.

Digital transformation is a comprehensive process. If it does not take place with all departments and departments, with the consensus of the whole enterprise, the failure is inevitable.

Not prepared for change

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Digital transformation not only brings far-reaching impacts, but also brings major changes in the way operations work. Therefore, quickly adapting to big changes is a must, especially for employees in the enterprise. They will have to get used to the unprecedented change in the way they work, the results achieved. This can cause many problems. In the long run, this change is positive. However, not being able to adapt to the changes will make employees confused and want to return to the old way of working. This is also the reason why not being prepared for change is the reason why businesses fail in digital transformation.

To overcome this, CEOs and managers can accompany employees. Preparing employees for adaptation, sharing with employees ways to quickly adapt to the new working environment are ways to bring about significant results.

There is no solution that works best for me

For each aspect of digital transformation, businesses need to choose the most suitable technology solutions for themselves. These solutions are not only optimized, modern, and up-to-date, but also need to have features that are really suitable for businesses.

After choosing a solution, businesses also need to figure out how to apply that solution most effectively with the set goals most effectively. In addition, the factor of cost savings and human resources is also a factor of concern.

Passing arguments in the enterprise

Lack of continuity

One of the main reasons why businesses fail to do digital transformation is the lack of continuity throughout the digital transformation process. Any activity in an enterprise needs to be performed continuously and repeatedly to be able to perform smoothly and effectively. However, the digital transformation process, strategy as well as day-to-day operations can change radically. This can confuse employees, causing the digital transformation process to slow down.

In addition, the change in personnel during the digital transformation process also makes the nso intermittent, easily leading to failure.


Digital transformation is the new process. Each business with a different character will need to do it in different ways. There are also many reasons why businesses fail in digital transformation. However, if you know the possible problems and prepare carefully, businesses can achieve success in this long-term digital transformation process. 

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