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The current Elearning training solution is gradually asserting its advantages in training, especially with internal training in enterprises.

Applying the form of Elearning training, Acabiz is one of the internal training solutions to support employees in your business to learn anytime, anywhere.



    What is e-learning?


E-learning is defined in many different ways. According to Compare Inforbase Inc, E-learning is a term used to describe learning and training based on information and communication technology.



Online training activities using fully digitized training content. These activities are all taking place on an online, training platform. Therefore, before implementing this form of training, businesses and organizations need to have digitized documents.



    Acabiz – e-learning solution for businesses


Corporate training is playing an important role. However, the training programs have not really brought into play its effectiveness. One of the reasons for this problem is that the form of training is not really appropriate.



Understanding this, the internal training solution Acabiz gives businesses the ultimate in training. The form of E-learning training helps employees to learn anytime, anywhere, making the most of their free time. As long as they have a laptop or mobile device with an internet connection, employees can study any assigned or chosen course.



It is very difficult for many employees to set aside a fixed amount of time to study after long hours at work. If you have time to study, the effect will certainly not be high. The Acabiz online training solution has solved this problem. Employees can utilize their free time for study. Breaking down lessons into short videos helps staff to receive and memorize lessons more conveniently.



In addition, the expressions of the E-learning form will also create an interesting feeling, arousing the motivation to learn with employees for your business. This is also a factor that helps improve the quality of training through corporate programs.

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