7 Pains New Business Owners Can Understand

 Business owners are always understanding and need to solve a lot of headaches. There are pains that only the business owner understands best.

In the era of increasing competition in the market, business owners not only need to orient their business to maintain but also keep up with the current trend. This task has never been easy. Because they also face many difficulties that sometimes fall into a deadlock. Below are Acabiz 's pain points that only business owners can understand.

The boss hugs all the work, the employees sit and play

In fact, the boss is the busiest person these days. While the first boss turned off the dark side, went to meet this person, discuss business with the other. Back to the company, a mountain of documents need to be processed. Not to mention the time to evaluate and build development goals for the whole business. Employees work 8 hours a day. If not done, do it tomorrow.

7 pain that new business owners can understand

Who in the world hires employees but we have to work more than them, because they keep crashing. For employees to do, I always have to be close, push my ass, sometimes I have to run to patch mistakes caused by employees. Well, I'd rather do it myself.

=> Causes: mistakes from the recruitment stage, unclear job description, not strict discipline, not motivating KPI.

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Good strategy but no executioner

Valuable strategies will be the factor that creates breakthroughs for the whole business. Of course, the boss is often the one to squeeze the brain out of good ideas. But who implements the idea is a difficult problem. Inexperienced staff. There is no system to train the necessary skills for employees. 

The boss sat down to think about a great and grand strategy, but he looked around and didn't know who to assign, and in the end had to do it himself. And "a tree should not be young"

 => Cause: unable to recruit suitable people, no training system. 

Human resources are stuck in recruiting talented people

Small and medium enterprises are always looking for talented people to accelerate the company's development. Talent is not lacking, but there are opportunities for SMEs when there are so many larger companies out there that are also recruiting talent. What is the solution to this difficult problem? 

Issues in personnel training

Talented people leave shirt

When recruiting, another problem needs to be solved: retaining talent. Talents like big fish? No big fish just wants to stay forever in a small pond but always wants to find a way to the big sea. What is special about your business to keep them here? If not, you will soon return to the above problem: recruiting talented people.

There is no inspection and monitoring system

Many bosses were "stalked" by their employees behind their backs, only to find out when the story broke. It is not uncommon for employees to withdraw money from the business, send out applications, embrace the company's formulas and products, and set up a separate company against the old business. Very sad but how to solve

Employees are becoming more and more stagnant and lazy

Talented people leave, those who stay say they are lazy, when they talk heavily, they are "freelancers", they contribute less effort, steal time, and do more.
=> As you can see, these pains are related to each other and it is not possible to handle each pain separately because these mistakes are SYSTEM.

There is no training and evaluation system for personnel

The boss is always struggling to run his daily work, so where does he take the time to train staff? Not all businesses can afford to hire experts for training. Moreover, after training, the staff ran away.

Failure to evaluate personnel due to no inspection process, no KPIs system results in not rewarding good employees, not sanctioning poor employees.

To solve these problems, business owners need to have the most thorough and optimal solutions. 

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