Building self-learning ability in business

Building self-learning ability in the business is a necessary task for every manager in today's extremely developed technology era.

According to many studies, building self-learning ability in the business is one of the most effective ways to develop the staff. When human resources learn with an active and effective attitude, daily work will have a positive change. Has your business built the self-learning ability of employees?

The reality of self-study ability in enterprises

A recent survey showed that up to 79% of employees answered that they learn mainly from sources outside the company such as websites, forums or soft skills classes and only 21% of the remaining employees. learn from the source provided by the L&D department. The employees themselves do not really attach importance to learning for work.

Building self-learning ability in business

Meanwhile, in the current context when technology has opened a new era, employees and businesses need to prepare and adapt to the times. Therefore, self-study activities play a more decisive role. However, not all businesses can do this. Training activities in the enterprise have not had the desired effect. The learning spirit of employees is also not really active, and completely focused.

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Building self-learning ability in business

Understanding the importance of self-learning from employees, managers need to have clear strategies to support employees to be proactive in work and learning.

a. Leadership is a self-study example      

Corporate culture always originates and is greatly influenced by the culture of the leaders. The leadership team with the mindset of "lifelong learning", not hiding ignorance, and not afraid of making mistakes, can be the ones to build good self-learning ability for their employees.

Leaders themselves also need to be people who constantly improve themselves, always learn and transmit this spirit to all their employees. By sharing learning methods, good stories related to learning, managers were able to arouse the spirit of self-learning from their employees.

Corporate training

b. Raise employee awareness about self-study     

For each individual to be proactive with their own learning, it is important that they are aware of the importance of this habit. The mission of the enterprise is to help employees understand and understand the role of self-study in life, work and personal development. Help them find the answer to: why build a habit of self-study? What will self-study habits bring to employees? Once they understand this, employees will no longer hesitate to rearrange their time and change themselves to self-study every day.

c. Form the habit of self-study      

Every habit is built from small actions. To have a habit of regular self-study, managers can encourage or assign small tasks to employees according to their expertise or skills for the job. Enterprises can organize their own topics, build documents for employees easily when having problems.

In addition, businesses can also help employees participate more in many external courses by supporting costs, time, etc. These activities will gradually form your employees' habits learn from more sources. Employees will also become proactive and constantly improve themselves. 

Self-taught employees in the enterprise

d. Maintain self-study activities in departments and businesses     

Maintaining the self-learning spirit of employees is very important. It takes time to form a habit, but if not maintained, it is easy to lose it. The exchange of information and knowledge sharing is one of the most effective ways to maintain the habit of self-study. Businesses can build weekly or monthly topics for employees to learn and share the information they have. This is not only a way to help employees find out more information on their own, but also create cohesion among members of the business. This is also a good way to apply what you have learned to your current job.

Besides, businesses can also apply optimal learning methods to make employees more interested in learning such as micro learning with Acabiz .


Building self-learning ability in the business is an important strategy that every business that wants to build a quality human resource team needs to really pay attention. The proactive, skilled and professional staff will be a solid foundation for the business to develop. 

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