How to effectively motivate employees?

How to motivate employees effectively is one of the difficult problems for managers. However, this problem is not without a solution.

For most employees, job satisfaction is very important. It is the reason for creating a positive attitude towards work. Therefore, helping employees achieve this is something managers cannot ignore. The right ways to motivate employees will certainly increase work results significantly. Let's find out with Acabiz through the article below.

Make employees feel like they're doing meaningful work

According to BNET, employees feel that doing something meaningful is more than a concern about money and recognition. 29% of employees confirmed this. So the way to motivate your employees is to make them feel that they are doing something meaningful. Make sure employees understand the company's goals and vision and always feel that they are part of the development to achieve them.

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How to effectively motivate employees?

Recognize and praise every employee's achievements and efforts

As a manager, always praise employees for their dedication and efforts. They will feel you appreciate and acknowledge them. This is one of the most effective ways to motivate. You can commend, praise, encourage and even give your employees incentive gifts.

Many studies have shown that there are many signs that work performance tends to improve after receiving praise. This is also how you can create a positive and effective working environment for your business.

Listen to employee concerns

This is exactly an effective way to motivate employees. Managers should listen to employees' opinions and explanations to have solutions to solve the bottlenecks when they appear. When employees feel they are heard, they will have a sense of respect, increase engagement, and work efficiency.

Supporting employees with work-life balance

Motivate employees

Paying attention to the lives of alf employees is essential to help managers focus and have motivational plans for each of their employees. When employees are in trouble, offer advice, ideas or simply listen to your employees.      

Managers are often concerned with work results. However, in practice, employees can hardly achieve good results. if they face other difficult problems in life. Therefore, support employees so that they have the best working conditions. Only then can you be motivated and highly effective at work.

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Training and improving skills for employees

One of the best ways to motivate employees is to train employees. Employees will definitely stick and try at work, which always supports them to develop and discover themselves. Besides, always learning new things will support employees to have good working ideas, arising from the process of applying theory into practice.

Managers need to have a specific plan in training to get an effective training program,  optimal time management and cost savings.

Create a dynamic working environment

Pressure from the working environment is the cause of the sudden stress of employees. They don't even feel like coming to the company every day. The task we put on the manager is to solve the pressure and stress of employees.

How to motivate employees

You can help them relax, encourage employees' morale with breaks, small games, etc. Not only reduce stress, breaks also boost morale for employees. employees, helping them to be more productive.

Small tasks such as decorating the office, decorating the work area, using inspirational banners, bookshelves, etc. are also ways to help employees feel more comfortable when working at the company. This will also make employees a lot more motivated.


There are many ways to motivate employees in your business. Also depending on the specific characteristics of the business, managers can apply appropriate methods. Remember that effective employee motivation is more effective than many other factors.

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