Corporate integration training

Integration training in enterprises is an important activity, taking place regularly and consuming a lot of time of enterprises.

For new employees, integration training will help them get acquainted with their colleagues, working environment as well as new jobs. Therefore, this is an important activity for new employees as well as the training department. So what elements does integration training need? How can good training be implemented? Let's find out with Acabiz through the article below.

What is integration training?

Integration training is one of the indispensable activities in any enterprise. This is a training activity for new employees to provide them with the necessary information and skills for integration into departments and companies.

Corporate integration training

Currently, many businesses have realized the importance of integration training and building reasonable programs. Enterprises therefore need to develop a standard integration training program for all employees and suitable for each department.

Content of integration training

The integration training program for new employees will provide the most basic information so that they can quickly join and adapt to the job.

a. Introduction of the company              

- Name         

- Field, scope and scale of activities         

- Mission, vision & core values         

- Goals, strategies         

- Services and products that the business provides         

- Basic operating mechanism         

- Organizational structure, personnel,...         

b. Introducing corporate identity             

- Clarifying more core values         

- Company culture         

- Code of ethics, conduct and conduct và         

- Activities on social responsibility         

Content of integration training

c. About policies and working environment              

- Key viewpoints and principles of recruitment and training policies         

- Responsibilities and obligations of employees         

- Reward, discipline, and welfare mechanisms         

- Processes and procedures to note         

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Notes when implementing integration training in enterprises

In order to have a good training integration effect, training programs in enterprises need to ensure a number of related factors.

a.     Simple training process

Organizing integration training in a cumbersome and time-consuming way not only makes new employees feel pressured but also sometimes reduces inherent efficiency. Make sure the integration program is simple but still helps employees integrate well into the activities of the business.

Provide new hires with simple but effective training. In addition to helping employees integrate well, integration training programs will also give employees a sense of comfort, responsibility for their new job, self-discipline in building an effective work plan. to ensure progress work with the company and enhance the sense of responsibility.

b. Give new employees an overview

For new employees, it is essential to give them an overview of the environment they will be attached to in the near future. In addition to the necessary professional skills, integration training programs should also put new employees into the operating system to show them clearly their duties. They need to know the jobs and departments that are directly related to their work. From there, they can adjust their own work in the system to get the highest efficiency.

c. Planning for the future

In the integration training program, businesses also need to take preparation steps to help employees develop their careers according to their needs and aspirations and have clear directions for themselves in the coming time.

From there, businesses can also support and build training for employees to develop themselves, creating breakthroughs in the business. This is also a way for businesses to create strong human resources and maintain stable operations.

4. Integration training solutions for businesses

For large enterprises, there are often changes in the personnel system, the integration training is simple but takes a lot of time. So how can businesses conduct training and save time?


With Acabiz , businesses can build integration training programs and let employees actively participate in learning. Tests and surveys will help businesses understand the effectiveness and aspirations of employees. Most importantly, businesses and employees will achieve optimal results at the lowest cost.

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