Planning skills to succeed in everything

 Do you know how to plan to succeed in everything?

You have a lot of plans. So how to implement those plans? The answer lies in your preparation to start with plans. Whoever you are, whatever your profession, planning is definitely an important skill for you to accomplish anything. So what is the work planning skill to succeed in everything? Let's find out with Acabiz through the article below.

What is the plan?

A plan is a set of activities that are logically arranged according to schedules, deadlines, resources, objectives, expected results, and best practices, etc. to achieve a specific goal. mentioned earlier.

Planning skills to succeed in everything

When you have a detailed plan, achieving your goals will be clearer. You are also prepared to combine resources more smoothly. Besides, you also easily check and monitor the performance of your project.

Planning skills to succeed in everything

To get a detailed, methodical and easy-to-implement plan, you can refer to and apply the 5W1H2C5M method to your own actual case.

a. Define goals and requirements (1W – Why)  

When starting a job, the first thing you need to do is ask some questions and find the answers:

- Why do you need to do this work?         

- What does it mean for the business, for the department?         

- What will happen if they are not implemented?         

When you have the correct answer, you will determine the exact requirements, goals and the most correct implementation direction.

b. Determining the content of work (1W – What) 

- What is the content of that work?         

- What needs to be done to make it work?         

- What content needs to be completed? Where is the replaceable content?         

c. Determine the place, time, performer (3W – Where/When?Who)  

Planning skills

Need to determine the information related to the location, answer the question Where?:

- Where do these jobs take place?         

- In which department to check?         

- Evaluation and testing at which stages?         

- When is the necessary adjustment?...         

When is the best time to do it?

- You need to determine the urgency and importance of the tasks         

- Important and urgent tasks need to be prioritized, the rest can be arranged in order of decreasing importance, urgency or can be delegated to others.         

You also need to answer questions for Who?

- Who is directly performing the work?         

- Who checks and evaluates?         

- Who helps?...         

d. Determine how to do (How) 

Methods of execution are one of the most important aspects of planning to succeed at anything.

- How should each job be done?         

- What is the standard?         

e. Determine control method (1C – Control)  

- What is the nature of the job?         

- How to measure that characteristic?         

- What key points need to be controlled?         

f. Determine the test method (1C – Check)  

- Do the jobs need to be checked closely and regularly?         

- How often is the test?         

- Who will conduct the test?         

- Critical checkpoints?         

Planning skills training 

g. Identify resources (5M) 

Strong, stable resources will help you make your plan the best it can be. Resources may include:

- Man: Human Resources         

- Money: Source of finance         

- Material: Materials         

- Machine: Machine, work         

- Method: Working method         

All of the above factors will help you build a complete plan. To be able to make a plan close to reality, accurately orienting your activities and the business, you need to understand the actual situation of the business in all aspects. The plan must be based on the actual situation of the business to be highly realistic and support the implementation of the correct goals.


Planning is a prerequisite for any job. Therefore, practice planning skills to succeed in everything right now. Hopefully with the planning process in the article, you can make your own optimal and effective plans. 

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