Things to keep in mind when planning work – did you do it right?

 Work planning is an important first step that determines both the implementation process and the target results. However, the plan will lead you to failure if you make mistakes.

Most of us are aware of the benefits and positive effects of having a specific, detailed and comprehensive work plan for any job, big or small, especially in businesses. However, many times, even though you have adhered to what you have drawn, the results are still not as expected. The following article, Acabiz will help you point out common mistakes and some suggestions in planning work .

What is the purpose of specific work planning?

1. Understand the purpose and results of the work 

You and your employees will avoid going in the wrong direction or not being sure that the requirements are right or not. Before solving math problems, you need to understand the problem correctly, right?

Things to keep in mind when planning your work – did you do it right?

2. Systematic thinking to anticipate management situations

The chaining, linking the work process in chronological order and between departments will help you see the risks that may arise during the implementation of the work. From there, have a backup plan for situations that arise.

3. Coordinate all resources of the organization more effectively

With an overview, the manager can coordinate smoothly between departments so that the parties can coordinate smoothly and in harmony in each stage of work.

4. Master your work

Understanding and clarifying your specific tasks and goals to each specific number will help your employees be more proactive in their work.

Common mistakes made

1. Your plan is too unrealistic

Employee planning skills

If your planned goals are too far, big and "illusory", this will affect the morale and confidence of employees, because no one wants to work hard for something that is definitely impossible to achieve. OK. Instead, start planning your work by choosing a difficult but achievable goal, and show your employees that it's possible with high performance.

2. The goal is not clear and consistent

A common situation is that I have done 10, but "turns out" the boss's desire must be 15 20 to suffice. This is a problem of information heterogeneity and lack of clarity in goal setting. To solve this problem, don't forget to use numbers. All destinations need to be agreed in a clear, public and specific way to each number to avoid unnecessary controversies. 

3. Only pay attention to the results, the goal but forget to focus on the process

The planning of work to achieve one or several certain goals. However, don't just set goals, but take the process lightly. Build a roadmap that includes steps for implementation, information processing, and possible scenarios so that the departments can work together smoothly and effectively. This also helps people in management positions to monitor and update regular work progress.

Note when planning at work

4. Lack of backup plan

The plan is drawn up and implemented by people, so it is inevitable that situations arise during the implementation process. When planning work, cover and list as many possible scenarios as possible with solutions so that the organization can proactively respond in any case. 

5. Do not use assistive tools or use them improperly

There are many popular work planning methods and tools that are recommended today, such as 5W1H2C5M method, Gantt diagram, Network diagram method (PERT), .... These are all solutions to optimize work efficiency, but if applied in the wrong way, not only will the work become less efficient, but it can also cause unnecessary trouble in the implementation process. Carefully study the methods and flexibly apply the appropriate tools.

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