Competency-based performance management elements

 Capability-based performance management is something any manager wants to do well. However, for many businesses, this is not an easy task.

For every business, performance management is an essential part of overall management. With good performance management, new businesses can achieve the set goals as well as build the right development direction. However, there are a few factors that directly affect these activities that businesses need to be aware of. Learn about competency-based performance management elements with Acabiz through the article below.

Define specific goals

The first thing you need to do is determine the most specific management goals. That is not only the goal of the business but also the goal of each employee in the company. Individuals need to strive to achieve the set goals. From there, the new business can achieve the goals of the whole enterprise.

Specific goals in performance management

Plus, whether you're setting personal or team goals, make sure they're geared toward developing core competencies and supporting the accomplishment of your goals across the business.

The media

One of the key elements in a competency-based performance management plan is communication activities.

First of all, make sure that all your employees know the plan, what the goal is, and the work that needs to be done to accomplish it. Regularly reminding employees about the goal and closely following the progress of completing the goal is essential that management needs to pay attention. Individual and group goals also need to be carefully followed. In addition, publicizing the progress of achieving the goals of different groups in each stage is also a way to create more motivation among teams.

On the other hand, in announcements, recruitment information or internal publications, managers should always remind them of the set goals. Management can also integrate information about goals into important tasks.

More interested in vacancies

To manage performance effectively, your business needs to be closely managed from the recruiting stage. With the vacancies, it is necessary to determine in advance for them a promotion path, orientate the necessary skills, which need to be supplemented so that they can quickly keep up with the working environment and the general direction of the business.

Competency-based performance management elements

The human resources department needs to stick to the competency framework, especially the core competencies group to get suitable vacancies, as well as build the most perfect human resource development plan for the business.

Identify missing skills

Each position in the business will require corresponding skills. HR also needs to build the required skill set for each employee based on the business characteristics of the business.

In addition, an accurate assessment of the employee's capacity will help businesses have a clearer view of the gaps in the business. From there, come up with plans to build the perfect staff for the business.

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Training & development

Training & development is one of the important activities in performance management based on the capacity of employees in the enterprise. After assessing employee capacity accurately, your business needs to build a quality personnel training plan and program. Make sure that training enhances individual and team performance.

With a specific training and development plan, your organization can achieve many goals: close skills gaps, scrutinize future job positions, and move them forward. right career path.

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Methods of performance management in the enterprise

Adjust if necessary

During the implementation process, based on the feedback of individuals, the business can adjust it to suit the business. Make sure all activities are geared towards the goals and core competencies of the business. You can also feel tangible progress in your own business.

To be able to manage performance-based performance effectively, your business needs to ensure many factors, the most important is the capacity of the staff. Therefore, building high-quality human resources through internal training programs is essential for businesses. 

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