OKRs management method for businesses

 OKR management method is an effective and easy method to help businesses and their employees achieve the set goals.

To achieve continuous and sustainable growth, leaders and teams need to understand and focus on priorities. However, ensuring that leaders and employees work together towards a common goal is not something that all businesses can achieve. OKR is a built-in approach to setting the right goal system. Let's learn about management methods with Acabiz through the article below.

1. What is OKRs management method? 

The OKR method supports internal alignment of the organization by connecting the goals of the whole business with the goals of the department, each individual to specific results.

OKR management method for businesses

· Structure:        

The OKR management method is built on the following key elements:

- Objective (Objective): Enterprises want to achieve something?         

- Key Result: How did the business achieve it?         

Objective is the goal of the company, department or individuals. Whereas, Key Result are the measurement steps required to achieve the required goal. This system creates a link between the target tiers.

· The characteristics of the methods of administration OKRs        

OKRs are built on unique characteristics that are different from many other methods:

- Ambition: The goal is always set higher than the current capacity threshold.         

- Count measure: important results is attached to the mold can be measured.         

- Transparency: All members of the business can monitor OKRs.         

- Performance: OKRs are not used to measure employee performance.         

This management method is widely applied in enterprises to build a performance measurement, evaluation and management system in the enterprise.

2. Benefits of the OKR . method 

OKR is a method applied by businesses in employee performance management. At the same time, orient the employees in the enterprise to achieve the initially set goals.

Benefits of OKR . management method

· Helps businesses to closely link internally        

The OKR management method plays a role in linking individual performance with the department and the whole business. From there, the whole enterprise can focus on working, ensuring the whole business has the same direction.

· Focus on the essentials        

This management approach will give 3 -5 goals for each level in the organization, helping the whole business to prioritize and important goals of the company.

· Increased transparency        

This is one of the methods to build a transparent culture for the company. Enterprises can grasp the work and big plans of each individual, each department.

· Empower employees        

The division of employees, each department performs its own tasks to accomplish the common goals of the whole business, making employees aware of their responsibilities. Employees feel part of the business, and at the same time closely follow the results and progress of their work.

· Measure progress towards achieving goals        

The OKR method will accurately measure and evaluate the progress towards the goal of each individual, each office, and the whole business.

Methods of business administration

3. Applying OKR management method with Acabiz 

To be able to achieve the set goals higher than possible, internal training, improving the quality of personnel is extremely important. The Acabiz solution will support businesses to build a training and evaluation system for employees throughout the enterprise. From there, your business can build appropriate goals, accurately measure and achieve the set goals. 

OKR management method is one of the methods to support enterprises in managing, measuring and evaluating performance, building development orientations. At the same time, enterprises can also build a training system, improve the capacity of human resources in capacity, step by step develop the business. 

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