The role of internal training needs analysis in the enterprise

 The role of internal training needs analysis in enterprises is extremely important. This is also a decisive factor to the effectiveness and success of the internal training of that enterprise.

Every employee has a need for something they want to learn. Enterprises in the development orientation also have the knowledge and skills that are basic requirements for each employee. The huge difference between these two is the main cause of the failure of the training program. And the solution to this problem is precisely the training needs analysis to have the most suitable program. Join Acabiz to learn the role of training needs analysis in enterprises through the article below.

Analysis of training needs in the enterprise

Training Need Analysis (TNA) in enterprises is no longer a strange activity. By many different ways such as: conducting surveys, in-depth interviews, ... enterprises will understand the needs and desires of training. Combine with training orientation to get the most suitable program.

The role of internal training needs analysis in the enterprise

Problems that businesses can face when not analyzing training needs

a. Lack of teaching conditions, limited expertise  

When implementing training programs in enterprises, it is very difficult to decentralize employees at different training levels. With the traditional training method, organizing training for a large number of employees has taken a lot of effort. Meanwhile, each employee at each level has different qualifications, making the implementation not really effective.

With employees in different departments, the specialized skills that need training are different. Enterprises can only hire experts to train some soft skills common to all employees in the enterprise. In fact, there are quite a few businesses that have the potential to hire specialist training specialists for each department. This is also a factor that makes training not really effective.

b. Training without a roadmap 

Without a training needs analysis, it is difficult for businesses to build a suitable roadmap for employees. Learning without a route is similar to doing something without a destination. Being effective is very difficult.

Instead, understanding training needs will help businesses build a clearer and more specific learning and development path for each employee. From there, employees will be more active and interested in learning every day.

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The need for internal training in the enterprise

c. Training effectiveness cannot be assessed  

With the traditional training method, the evaluation of training and management results is very difficult for the training department. Not to mention that employees can apply the knowledge they have learned to improve work performance. Moreover, with a large number of employees, it is understandable that errors or failure to follow the process are understandable. This is also the reason why a large amount of money invested in training of enterprises has gone downhill.

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The role of training needs analysis in enterprises

· Identify essential training issues:        

What are the essential issues that need training? What skills do employees want to hone? Let's combine factors to get the most suitable and optimal training route and program.

· Identify activities to be carried out in training        

Make a training plan specific enough, detailed enough that the entire business can easily follow. What courses and training content are needed?

· Identify training goals to be achieved        

From the learning needs of employees and training needs, enterprises need to determine their training purposes. After the program, what should employees achieve? What requirements are satisfied? How will businesses be affected?

· Identify the appropriate training methods        

The most suitable form of training, the  most optimal and economical time management is determined from the training needs as well as the potential of the enterprise.

Internal training in the enterprise

· Evaluation and quality management of training        

The quality and results of lessons are assessed through the following criteria: number of lessons, test results, rate of application of learned knowledge in daily work, etc. In addition, businesses can also apply other methods to evaluate results more objectively and accurately.

Acabiz in training needs analysis

Acabiz is a business training platform that is not only superior but also optimal for most Vietnamese businesses. The function allows employees to pin the courses they want to study. From there, businesses can find out what employees want.

In addition, a system of evaluation and measurement of training results will also be a factor to help enterprises orient training and assess the suitability of training programs with employees in the enterprise.


Analyzing training needs in enterprises is essential for businesses. For maximum efficiency and cost savings. Thereby, businesses can also choose effective training solutions for themselves.

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