Internal training solution to save maximum time and cost

Internal training is one of the strategic directions for many businesses. However, it is not easy to get an effective internal training solution while still optimizing costs.

Currently, the current E-learning solutions with outstanding advantages have brought businesses the optimal training solution. Built on this form of training, Acabiz is proud to be the most optimal training solution for businesses today.

Expenses for internal training in enterprises today

With traditional training methods, businesses have to spend a large amount of money. Expenses include: costs of hiring experts for training, costs of renting locations, organizing training, expenses for travel, accommodation of experts... Not to mention the costs of printing documents, time costs. Working time of employees, etc. To be able to organize training for employees, businesses need to spend a lot of money.

Besides, businesses also need to spend a lot of time and effort. Especially, for businesses that have a large number of employees and often have new employees, organizing training becomes even more difficult. Organizing for thousands of people to participate in training at the same time requires the training room to have a lot of manpower. In addition, the quality management after training is also a difficult problem for enterprises.

Acabiz - internal training solutions save time and money up ph í

Acabiz is the solution chosen by many businesses because it is an effective solution but saves time and costs. Businesses building a training route with Acabiz can save up to 80% of costs compared to hiring a training expert. All costs required to train direct staff will be reduced. Instead, businesses only need to pay a small fee for the platform and add training content if necessary. This helps businesses get more effective training programs by cutting costs.

With online training, documents are fully digitized to help businesses save time and storage space. The documents are not only used many times, but also easily updated, supplemented and delivered to employees. The training department will also reduce the burden in building, storing, managing and deploying employees in the enterprise.

With Acabiz , employees will also save maximum time for learning when they can take advantage of small periods of time and still achieve efficiency. For businesses looking for a solution that is both effective, cost-effective and time-saving, Acabiz is the perfect solution. 


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