5 effective employee development methods for managers

Effective employee development methods have never been easy for managers. That is why they are always looking for ways to improve their own leadership ability to achieve the highest efficiency.

To support employees, managers need comprehensive as well as in-depth solutions. Through many sources of information, managers need to learn about employees' difficulties to guide and support when needed. Find out the employee development methods that Acabiz introduces through the article below.

Active listening

Have you ever been in a situation when you tried to convey something but the listener didn't care? Surely you understand that feeling. If so, you can feel what your employees go through when they are having a lot of trouble but no one is listening or helping them. On the contrary, how would you feel if someone always listened to problems and offered advice if possible.

5 effective employee development methods for managers

Employees will certainly feel motivated and dare to voice new ideas if their managers always listen to what they have to say. Besides, they will also have a more positive attitude towards work as well as give positive ideas. As a manager, take the time to listen to your employees in the most active way.

Ask open-ended questions

Managers often set tasks and tasks for employees. However, in reality, deep conversations, with back-and-forth interaction between management and employees, will have many directions of work to be taken. And with that comes more improved work results. Therefore, ask open-ended questions so employees can give their opinions.

Open-ended questions in these cases serve as a way to help employees gain a deeper understanding of the job and further find out the employee's own goals. They will also be motivated in solving common problems of the group and the business.

Solution focus

How to develop effective employees?

Employees will inevitably encounter difficulties at work and sometimes they will complain to management. Don't cut them off. Redirect them to come up with solutions that are right for each case. Somehow, encourage your employees to apply to get the most suitable solutions. You can also prompt employees to ask questions such as: How do the resources we just mentioned have a specific impact on the process?,Given this, the best alternative solution. What are our strengths?, Are there skills or relationships that we can use to solve problems?, What should management do so that everyone can work efficiently and economically? more time?...

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Always support

Make sure you try to support your employees to the best of your ability. When employees want to know more about something related to the business, to the job, they are showing interest. Therefore, encourage, motivate and support your employees to get the most out of them. This is exactly an effective employee support method for managers.

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Effective employee development

Assign tasks and responsibilities

In addition to support, managers also need to discuss with employees about the report to increase the responsibility of each individual.

For example, for each plan to implement a work plan or new ideas proposed by employees, employees will need to have a detailed plan of activities, costs, and what will be achieved after the plan. . Employees are therefore responsible for their own work.

The factor that distinguishes a mid-level manager from a good leader is his ability to coach his employees. In addition to applying effective employee development methods, managers need to improve their management skills to build their teams more developed. 

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