The process of building a development roadmap for employees


The process of building a development roadmap for employees is something that any business or manager needs to prepare. The right process will help businesses build appropriate roadmaps for each employee in each different department.

Before proceeding to develop a development roadmap for its employees, businesses need to have a standard process to ensure the most suitable roadmap for each employee. However, this is not easy . If your business is planning to build a roadmap for employees, let's learn with Acabiz the process of building a development roadmap for employees through the article below.

Step 1: Determine the goal of the development roadmap

Before we do anything, we need to define our goals. The same goes for building a development roadmap for employees.


Your business can set goals depending on the actual conditions and circumstances of the business to get the most accurate goals. If HR management is struggling, you can set goals for employee retention. If your business needs a breakthrough, focus on sales goals.

The process of building a development roadmap for employees

The goals that businesses can set with the development of a development roadmap include:

  • Building a team of high-quality human resources

  • Reduce employee turnover rate

  • Increase the cohesion between employees within the enterprise

  • Prepare for the next management team

Step 2: Create a framework for the development roadmap

The best way for employees to see their development path is to build a basic framework of the positions and development processes that they can achieve in the most concise way. Let's build separately for each employee in each different department. This framework is also the basis for building the tasks as well as the skills that employees need to be added in the detailed roadmap. This is also a platform for employees to

Set clear goals

Define performance benchmarks

Your business needs standards to be able to conduct an assessment of the performance you expect in each position as well as what each employee has achieved in the process. Record all behaviors and performance results of all employees, especially the top ones of the business, so that standards can be developed in the most appropriate way.

This is a set of standards used by all employees in the company, regardless of department. However, depending on the time as well as the main objective, the standards may be adjusted.

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Closely combined with staff training

Training is one of the extremely important parts for employees. It plays a decisive role in the development of every employee in your business. To get good results, businesses need to equip employees in different departments and levels with training programs on soft skills as well as necessary professional skills.

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The process of building an effective employee roadmap

Your business can also incorporate a common training model that uses an effective measurement and evaluation system. The ultimate goal is for employees to take the initiative in the training process, achieving the highest efficiency.

Besides, businesses also need to pay attention to the training content. Essential content, right to the heart of each employee for optimal time management  and efficiency. For example, Acabiz's carefully selected course packages for corporate training taught by leading experts in Vietnam are useful documents for your business.

Once you understand the process of building a development roadmap for employees, you can apply it to all employees in the company. A good process will bring optimal efficiency, creating a big breakthrough in the development of the whole enterprise.

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