5 steps to help businesses build the right competency framework


Building an appropriate competency framework is one of the goals that every business needs to accomplish. However, for many businesses, this is no easy task.

The enterprise competency framework is applied in many fields. This is an effective tool to support businesses in training, recruiting and building staff. If your business is facing difficulties, Acabiz introduces you to 5 steps to help businesses build the right competency framework through the article below.

Barriers to building appropriate capacity frameworks

In the process of implementation, businesses sometimes face barriers that make the competency framework inappropriate or difficult to apply the framework to other tasks.

5 steps to help businesses build the right competency framework

- The given capacity framework differs too much from the actual capacity of the enterprise         

- Employees do not really understand the effect and influence of the competency framework in the enterprise, leading to distrust and lack of effort at work.         

- Applying sample competency frameworks that are not suitable for business characteristics of the enterprise         

- It costs too much to hire consultants to build capacity frameworks.         

In order to build a suitable, economical and effective capacity framework, businesses need to refer to the processes and apply them intelligently.

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5 steps to build the right competency framework

· Step 1: Determine the purpose of operating the most important building capacity framework        

Before doing something, you need to define a very clear goal for that work. The same goes for capacity building. What is the main purpose of developing a competency framework? From business applications, the competency framework can be applied to:

- As a basis for recruitment activities, building portraits of employee positions in the enterprise.         

- Support to develop internal personnel training programs, improve the quality of human resources in the enterprise.         

- Evaluating and developing remuneration regimes for different types of employees.         

Depending on the purpose, businesses will have appropriate implementation orientations.

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Defining the goal of building a capacity framework

· Step 2: Standardize enterprise        

Standardization activities include the following elements: organizational structure, system of titles, functions and duties of each specific position. From there, it is possible to build a competency framework suitable for the jobs, tasks and skills required of each employee. When the tasks and tasks are clear, the process of building the right competency framework becomes a lot easier.

· Step 3: Conduct a general capacity building framework for business        

After identifying the main goals and standardizing the positions, enterprises can proceed to build their own competency framework. During the construction process, enterprises need to pay attention to the following issues:

- Develop a detailed list of competency frameworks.         

- Sort by groups of abilities or by task level.         

- Enterprises can refer to the competency framework samples as well as reports on skills, parameters directly related to personnel and skills to be able to build the most suitable competency framework.         

· Determine the capacity and levels for each position in the business        

Building the right competency framework for businesses

Enterprises need to comprehensively evaluate the frequency of use and importance of specific competencies for each position in the enterprise at the present time. From there, select the built-in competencies for positions in the business.

In addition, it is necessary to closely follow the tasks and requirements of each position in the enterprise. Be very transparent in your requirements and what employees will gain when meeting the requirements of higher positions.

· Evaluate staff capacity, develop training and recruitment programs        

The assessment of employee capacity is one of the important steps in the 5 steps to help businesses build an appropriate competency framework. Accurately assessing employee capacity, enterprises can proceed to develop the most appropriate training programs as well as recruitment plans.

Hopefully, the 5 steps to help businesses build a competency framework for businesses introduced by Acabiz will help your business achieve the best results. 

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