Acabiz - Increase training efficiency with Micro-learning

Increasing efficiency with Microlearning is one of the methods applied to improve training efficiency in businesses today.

Online internal training in enterprises is being interested by many businesses. However, getting an effective and economical training program is not easy. Applying microlearning in training is one of the ways to have optimal effectiveness.



    What is microlearning?


Microlearning is a form of online skills training in which you will proceed to break down a large body of knowledge into small pieces of information, in short batches and distributed in chronological order. In this form, learners receive a small amount of information. Therefore, they easily participate in learning as well as receive useful information.



In corporate training, microlearning solution is the key to solving the absence of a fixed length of time for employee learning. With this approach, staff can spend short periods of time completing small lesson portions of a course. Microlearning also does not cause employees too much of a burden.



    Acabiz - Increase training efficiency with Microlearning


Acabiz is a pioneer with a unique short-form training solution, helping businesses deploy training easily with very easy operations.



Acabiz allows businesses to build courses on knowledge and skills in the form of many mini-lessons with videos or digitized documents. Employees can step by step approach and practice missing skills. With Acabiz, employees can also easily find the part of the skill they want to use in their job at the right time when they need it. This helps to increase the compatibility and effectiveness of training many times compared to traditional lectures.




In the current training in enterprises, Microlearning is the solution chosen by many leaders. The applications and advantages of this method have brought benefits in training and work. If your business is looking for a solution to improve the efficiency of its human resources, Acabiz with microlearning is exactly the solution your business is looking for. 

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