Common employee evaluation methods

 Popular employee evaluation methods are what many businesses are interested in today. Especially in the context of increasing capacity requirements for new employees as well as employees at all levels in the business.

Many personnel and managers are struggling with the methods of employee evaluation. However, the multi-skill requirements at various ranks make this task difficult. If you choose the right assessment method, you will save yourself a lot of time and effort. Join Acabiz to find out the most popular employee evaluation methods today through the article below.

Rating method

With the rating method, managers will grade employees based on forms that are formed based on the types of results achieved. The results will be presented in many forms, but mainly graphically.

Common employee evaluation methods

This is one of the easiest methods to implement. However, having to work with too many charts can sometimes lead to errors. Businesses can build many different categories to be able to track and evaluate in the most accurate way.

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Comparative method

Comparison is one of the most popular employee evaluation methods today. Businesses with this form will compare the results between employees doing the same job or working in a group. This is to promote competition among members.

From the results obtained, businesses can rank employees by performance. This is also the basis for businesses to build bonus levels as well as consider promotion.

Narrative method

The narrative method requires the most detailed and specific employee performance record and evaluation information. It can be expressed in various forms:

- Report on important events, including activities related to the results received by the employee. The tasks the employee has completed in each stage of the job.         

Methods of evaluating employees in the enterprise

- Management comments, job descriptions as well as employee evaluations. This review helps businesses identify more clearly about employees.         

- A practical assessment is independently evaluated by the supervisory department or the human resources department in the enterprise.         

This method will provide businesses with necessary information about the results achieved by each employee with a fairly complete view. However, it also takes a lot of work if businesses choose this method.

Behavioral observation method

Behavioral assessment is a method carried out during the employee's performance on the task. It is often used with jobs related to customer contact, labor safety, food safety, etc.

To get objective results, businesses need to build specific performance scales for different purposes. This consumes a lot of time and effort for businesses.

Evaluate employees in the most accurate way

Training combined with employee evaluation

In the context of evolving society, employees also need to evolve every day to be able to keep up with the demands of their work. Therefore, the demand for training with enterprises is quite high. The trend of training combined with employee evaluation is being chosen by many businesses.

Acabiz is a solution that not only supports improving employee capacity, but also helps businesses evaluate employees in the most accurate way. The system of courses and tests with close content will help employees firmly grasp the skills learned and easily apply in practice.

The training combined with employee evaluation is a method to help businesses implement synchronously in training, saving time and costs. In addition, businesses can also reduce the burden on management. 

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