Ideas to help employees feel valued

Ideas to help employees feel valued is something any manager needs. That is not only a way to encourage employees to improve work efficiency, but also to solve problems in human resource management for businesses.

One study found that 40% of employees who don't feel recognized will not do things beyond their usual responsibilities at work. On the contrary, recognition is a great motivator for employees to work harder. So how do employees feel recognized? Let's find out with Acabiz through the article below.

Encourage employees to motivate each other  

Let's create a corporate culture where employees in the company always encourage and praise their colleagues when they achieve certain achievements. Because it is the employees who understand each other's work. They are also an important factor in building a culture of mutual respect.

Ideas to help employees feel valued

Management can create a culture of praise by praising employees before other employees. Also ask for compliments from other colleagues.

Honor employees publicly

Publicly honoring employees is one of the most commonly used ways to make employees feel valued. Publicity makes recognition done by more people. From there, employees will be even more motivated to try when more people recognize their achievements. They will feel appreciated and feel their efforts are much more valuable.

This does not require material gifts, simply the act of praising the employee in periodic reporting sessions or in internal meetings. This is certainly also a good thing if you want to start the meeting off on a whim.

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Give employees a chance to decide

When giving your own employees the opportunity to decide issues related to their own work as well as their team, employees will certainly be more responsible for themselves and their work.

In addition, they will certainly feel the importance of colleagues and managers. Feel part of a team, even inspired by your day-to-day work. 

Celebrating employee's birthday

It's a small activity, but it's a great way to help employees feel valued. Let's organize a small party for employees. Maybe just to congratulate them.

Team building unity

Happy birthday from colleagues will make employees feel cared for. I am part of a group. You can also give employees a small and meaningful gift.

Monitor and transparent work results

Transparent monitoring of work results and commending employees of the team and individuals will create a small competition that motivates employees to work harder and make more efforts.

Disclosure of results will give employees a sense of fairness. At the same time, it also demonstrates management's interest, proving that every employee's efforts are recognized. From there, employees will be able to feel motivated to try harder.

Promote mentoring activities

Mentoring is a program worth applying in a corporate environment. Programs will give long-term employees the feeling that they are important to the business, to their team.

For new employees, they are not only being directly guided at work but are also being trained to be able to become future instructors. Such mentoring programs will show employees that they are truly valued in the business no matter what position they are in.

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Promote mentoring activities

Say “Thank you” to your employees

There are some people who think that the jobs the boss assigns to the employees are the obligations to perform and of course there is no need to say thank you. This is really a mistake.

Saying thank you when someone else completes something for you is necessary. The management's gratitude to the employees is even more valuable. Just a simple thank you, but surely your employees will feel valued and perform the assigned tasks happily and with more effort. It's okay if we don't say thank you but with just one word that benefits both employees and businesses, it's a pity if we don't use it.

Employees are the people who create the success of the business. Building trust and making employees feel valued and attached to the company is a challenge for managers. In addition to the ways that we introduce above, managers need to have additional skills and knowledge about management to be able to build a cohesive and effective team at work.

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