12 factors that create a learning culture in the enterprise

Whether a business can grow or not depends greatly on the learning and reception of its employees. And to promote this, teaching expert in the US Robert J.Grossman proposed 12 factors that create a learning culture in the enterprise. To understand more specifically, please refer to the knowledge below.

The foundation for building a learning culture in the enterprise

It's not a coincidence that Grossman built it 12 elements that create a culture in the business, which builds on the basics. In particular, the first platform is the analysis of the working environment at enterprises. Specifically, he will analyze the causes of reduced competitiveness among employees. And he concluded it was because they refused to learn.

Along with the above study, the University of Virginia professor also concluded that the use of technology and automation has made employees' ability to learn less. From there, the ability to develop and increase efficiency at work is reduced.

The learning culture in the enterprise is built on the basics

Along with that, in modern society, the working style always requires creativity, quick thinking, combined with emotions, and a quick grasp of social situations. And to be able to do this, it requires the ability of employees to learn is great.

And to demonstrate 12 factors that create a learning culture in the enterprise to be exact, the researchers came up with the following figures: In 2013, organizations in the United States spent about $1,208 per employee on employee training and development. force.

And the results from this training program have proven that the learning culture of the business is still low. Specifically, only 10% of businesses have the right learning culture. All employees have an open mind, work independently in the process of finding information, consider learning as an obligation and mission of themselves…

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12 factors that create a learning culture in the enterprise

According to expert Grossman, to be able to develop a learning culture in an enterprise requires the following 12 elements:

1. The policy of superiors: The superiors need to provide specific guidelines and tasks for their employees and ask them to learn to complete them well.

2. Recruitment: This process needs to be done wisely in order to find talented people to contribute to the business.

3. Maintain a spirit of growth: This means that employees need to have a common learning and contribution to the process of accomplishing the goals that the business has set.

Employees need to know how to contribute to build a spirit of growth

4. Straightforward working style: In the process of group discussions and group meetings, employees need to make suggestions, exchange ideas with each other, eliminate fear or caution.

5. Getting Started with Acquaintance: In 12 factors that create a learning culture in the enterprise, the familiarity factor plays a very important role, especially for new employees. Accordingly, employees need time to get used to the job, to consider their own abilities and development direction.

6. Attitude of Humility: Humility should be exercised in both employees and leaders. Accordingly, leaders need to know how to listen, should not promote ego or follow personal views.

7. Support employees in accepting failure: Don't consider failure of employees as something too heavy, it is important that you help employees understand the lessons learned after each failure.

8. Team development: Work will be done more effectively if divided into teams. Leaders need to have a method to develop the team through forms such as: training more new skills, rewarding, evaluating actual performance...

9. Focus on the right direction: Going in the right direction will help businesses achieve their goals more effectively. This is also one of 12 factors that create a learning culture in the enterprise is focused on by many leaders.

10. Small group for easy management: Small group, interaction, sharing and learning will be made easier. From there, it is the small groups that will make the big groups successful.

Small groups make it easier to manage

11. Measure the results achieved: Through each job, each process, leaders need to measure the results achieved. From there, realize that your employees are lacking somewhere to have timely replenishment methods.

12. There is a reward system: This is a very important part of promoting the human resource development culture in the enterprise. This needs to be done properly so that the remaining employees can use it as a motivation for development.

12 factors that create a learning culture in the enterprise plays a very important role. Therefore, businesses need to refer to the above information for sustainable development.