Why do businesses need to do digital transformation?

 Digital transformation is no longer a strange concept for businesses in the current digital era. However, the question is why do businesses need to perform digital transformation?

Digital transformation in the business takes place strongly in many different aspects. The ultimate goal is to bring about drastic changes, support business development? To find the most accurate answer to the question: "Why do businesses need to do digital transformation?", let's find out through the article below with Acabiz .

What is digital transformation?

The phrase digital transformation has appeared for a long time, but in Vietnam, digital transformation is defined with many different interpretations. In general, digital transformation is the application of technology to all business activities. This aims to improve efficiency, simplify operation and management in the enterprise. .

Why do businesses need to do digital transformation?

Technology can be applied to all activities in a business. However, to achieve the expected effect, businesses need to have a clear digital transformation plan and preparation.

Why do businesses need to do digital transformation?

Digital transformation really brings benefits to all activities in an enterprise, from management and operations to sales, research and development.

A successful digital transformation process will help businesses cut operating costs, reach more customers, and grow sustainably.

a. Bridging the gap between departments  

When the digital transformation process has not been applied in businesses, the distance between departments is one of the concerns of business owners. Because without close interaction, departments cannot work effectively together.

Digital transformation supports connecting all employees in different departments, helping employees interact and exchange more. Besides doing good professional work, exchanging with other departments will also speed up the work efficiency of each individual.

Digital transformation in business

b. Increase transparency in business management 

Reporting is one of the activities that take up a certain amount of time for both employees and managers. In addition, management also needs to take the time to understand the tasks and evaluate the performance of each employee. Instead of having to manage many papers and reports, applying digital transformation makes reporting simpler than ever.

When all metrics, reports, revenue and policies are made public, transparency and evaluation results become more convincing. In addition, employees also have the basis to always strive to contribute.

c. Optimizing employee work efficiency  

Optimizing employee performance is the shortest way for businesses to make great strides. Applying digital transformation helps businesses save maximum costs as well as human resources. Technology makes business operations easier, with less effort. From there, employees have more time to focus on work, improve work efficiency.

Employees also have time to improve their expertise and develop themselves. And in fact, this is also a way to improve the employee's work efficiency. This is also one of the important reasons that businesses need to do digital transformation today.

d. Improve the competitive ability 

A digital platform is a necessary condition for businesses to operate more efficiently, accurately and with quality. Compared to the way communication is operated, digital transformation is really a big turning point for businesses.

With businesses in the same field in the market, businesses applying digital transformation will have greater competitiveness. This is reflected in customer interaction, customer care, scientific, fast, high-performance working processes, etc.

Tools to support digital transformation in training

Digital transformation in training is one of the areas that businesses need to apply today. The importance of staff competence in the business has been well recognized by many business owners. This is a vital condition for the existence and development of enterprises.

Understanding this, Acabiz has launched a solution to support businesses to apply digital transformation in training. Acabiz provides businesses with a comprehensive solution to improve the quality of their human resources, contributing to improving the work efficiency of employees and the efficiency of the whole enterprise.

The reasons in the article are the full answers to the question: "Why do businesses need to do digital transformation?". Given the importance of this process, every Vietnamese business needs to act now if they don't want to be left behind.

If your business is looking for an in-house digital training solution, Acabiz is here to help!

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