Impact of online training management system (LMS) on businesses

The LMS online training management system has been having a positive impact on the interests of enterprises. The continuous development of information technology makes this form a strong influence on most businesses.

Training is essential for any business. The application of new training methods helps businesses achieve high efficiency as well as save a lot of costs. However, not all businesses have an accurate perception of the positive effects of online training management systems or in other words online training platforms for them.

Monitor student learning progress – 95%

With online training, it is difficult for managers to grasp the employee's learning process: current capacity, which training programs have participated in, the results of those training programs. … The online training management system has supported businesses to solve this problem..

Impact of online training management system (LMS) on businesses với

With a platform that integrates the learning process tracking feature, managers can easily track the employee's capacity, learning process, and post-training results. From there, a suitable training and learning schedule can be built

Systematization of training content – 96%

The training management system allows enterprises to digitize and organize scientific training contents. This facilitates long-term, multi-staff training.

In addition, today's online training platforms also support businesses to save documents in most file formats: videos, images, documents, pdfs, other formats, .. easily update the training content if there are changes. A unified and scientific content system helps businesses save a lot of time in the training process.

Training large numbers of employees - 94%

When you always have a system of lectures and tests ready, employees can study at any time, the training will support a lot of employees compared to the traditional form of training.

Online training management systems are designed to train from 1 to thousands of employees with the best productivity and efficiency that no other form can meet..

Online training system for businesses

Unification of training standards – 90%

Different learning will make a difference between employees. The acquisition of the same knowledge and training content will build each employee a solid and uniform knowledge base. Creating common training standards for all employees as well as employees in the same department is really necessary.

The use of an online training management system ensures that all employees in the same department are trained with a standard system to solve specific jobs, meeting the requirements of the business.

Effective training - 93%

Practical studies show that the results of post-course surveys of students who complete the course at their own pace are higher than those of students who learn at their own pace. Therefore, online training platforms will bring greater efficiency. When it empowers employees to actively learn: in terms of time, place, speed, etc., then, employees will get the most out of the knowledge, make the most of the materials provided. .

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Employees are actively involved in the learning process – 91%

One of the advantages of traditional classes is the deep interaction between instructors and students. However, the traditional classroom simply does not have many forms of expression for content that is not interesting.

Online training management systems allow businesses to improve this. The digital technology platform allows you to present your lectures in many different forms. The combination of audio, visuals, games, etc. and live interactive features: chat, comment, raise your hand to speak, etc. also makes online classes a real learning experience. This also increases the positive in learning for employees in the enterprise.

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Employee retention – 92%


LinkedIn's study of workplace learning shows that 65% of employees will stay with the company longer if they are guided to develop the right learning path. In fact, they will never stay in one place for too long if there is no development from within themselves.

Training management system for enterprises

The online training system gives employees opportunities to learn, develop, work effectively, improve work productivity as well as retain employees to stay longer with the company.

Training cost savings – 92%

With online training, businesses only need to spend effort and cost to choose a platform and build their own virtual school. Then deploying classes will become much faster and more economical.

Enterprises will save costs: hiring experts, trainers, cost of teaching locations, accommodation costs, meals of lecturers,... Online training system is an economical training solution. cost, achieve optimal performance for your business.

Building an effective training management system is what any business wishes to accomplish. However, businesses also need to consider to choose the optimal and effective solution that saves costs.

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