The secret to double your work efficiency

The secret to doubling your productivity is what any employee, manager or business owner is looking for. However, this is also a difficult problem to find the most optimal solution.

Boosting your personal productivity helps you save time, develop yourself and get promoted at work. For businesses, high performance will create a great advantage in the development path. Whoever you are, constantly improving your work productivity is a must. Let's learn with Acabiz the secret to double your work efficiency through the article below.

Increase your work efficiency
Start with yourself

In fact, increasing the performance of the business is based on increasing the performance of each individual. Candlestick. Starting from each individual, management itself is an important factor. In addition to contributing to the performance of the business, the first implementer will also have a plan to adjust to come up with the most effective solution.

The secret to double your work efficiency


Build a specific deadline

Working with specific timelines will keep you motivated to work harder. In addition, inform your boss or team about the deadline to ensure that you will stick to the plan set out.

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Working in a certain time cycle

According to research, the brain is only active continuously for 90 minutes. After this period, productivity will drop quite a bit. Therefore, take a break after every 90 minutes of continuous work to ensure the highest work performance.

Take advantage of the free time while waiting

In the meantime, you can take advantage of the time to do some other small things such as: replying to emails, checking to-do lists, reading short documents, etc. Although it only takes up a little time, but if you don't, If you know how to arrange these tasks properly, they will consume you a lot of time, which means reduced work productivity.

Done is better than perfect

Doing everything perfectly takes a lot of time. Instead, try to get the job done quickly. Then, receive comments, feedback, and make corrections as needed. Instantly, you'll find that you can get the job done in one go and edit instead of multiple times.

Increase your own performance


Increase employee performance

Apply the methods you use yourself to your employees nhân

Once you've applied the secret to doubling your own productivity, you can choose to apply it to your employees. Find the methods you feel are most applicable and effective for your employees. Make sure that your employees also have a desire to improve their daily work performance as well as a desire to develop themselves day by day.

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Allow employees to work remotely, flexibly

How the work is done is not as important as the results achieved after completing the work. Allow your employees to be flexible with their assigned tasks. Your job is to control the quality of the completed work and the time it takes to complete the work. Allowing employees to work with flexible hours will create a sense of comfort and help employees save maximum time.

Recognition of employee achievements

The recognition of employee achievements is a small thing, but it is a great source of motivation for employees to work harder and harder. Give compliments and small gifts for your efforts at work. Plus, you can motivate employees to work harder in a variety of ways.

How can employee productivity be increased?


Create a responsible work culture

Employees should be empowered to take the initiative in the work they do. They are the ones who take full responsibility for the finished result. In return, they will receive a well-deserved reward for their hard work.

This is to let employees feel the meaning of each job they do. Thereby, they can complete the work in the best way, more responsibly.

Work in team

Effective teamwork is one of the secrets to doubling work efficiency for businesses. However, arranging each other's assignments and supporting each other in the work is important to get the highest efficiency. So, build a strong team and have the right working strategy.

The secrets of doubling work efficiency are simple, but effective application is not easy. To get high efficiency, the most important factor is the capacity of the staff. Enterprises need to improve staff capacity through quality and scientific internal training programs.

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