The process of building E-learning lessons for businesses

A standard E-learning course building process is essential for any business. This is also a factor that supports building an effective training system.

When starting to apply E-learning solutions, many businesses are still confused and do not know what to do to build a scientific training system. In fact, there are many models that are applied, but not all models bring real results. In the following article, Acabiz introduces the process of building and developing E-learning lessons in internal training.

Step 1: Make a plan

Before starting to build your E-learning lesson, the most important and necessary thing is that your business needs to build a specific plan. Your business needs to determine the framework of the training program and the contents of the training program. You also need to collect information, understand the needs, analyze the capacity of employees. You should also consult with training partners, training experts to get the best plan.

The process of building E-learning lessons for businesses

A good plan to build an E-learning lesson should include the following basic elements:

· Purpose achieved after the course

· Who is the course aimed at?

· Main content of the course

· Deployment time

· Budget, personnel deployment

Step 2: Write a detailed script

From the master plan, you need to write a detailed script for your lecture. This is one of the very important steps in building an E-learning lesson. Lectures not only need to provide information and knowledge but also attract and inspire students to learn.

In the detailed scenario, you need to show the issues related to the E-learning lesson such as:

· E-learning lecture format

· Layout, detailed explanation for each section

· Visual script

· Sound script

· Specific execution time

Make sure the scenario is as specific, detailed, and convenient as possible to put into practice.

E-learning lectures for businesses

Step 3: Develop E-learning lessons

This is the step where your business will put all plans and scenarios from paper into reality. Therefore, a detailed script will help your team save maximum time and effort.

In the process of building E-learning lessons, this is also a time-consuming and labor-intensive stage as well as requiring creativity. The work of cutting videos, making subtitles, dubbing, drawing pictures, ... takes up a lot of time. Creativity is also essential. This is the factor that creates the attraction and highlight of the lecture. Sometimes just a small effect, employees have more interest in the E-learning lecture.

Step 4: Review and moderate

If your business skips this step before putting the lecture into practice, this is a big mistake. Please take the time to conduct testing, assessment, quality assurance of the entire course in the most thorough way. Because even a small mistake can make your lecture a lot less interesting.

This step requires you to be precise, not to miss any errors. Taking the effort to carefully moderate is certainly not superfluous to get quality E-learning lessons.

Building E-learning lessons for businesses

Step 5: Put the lesson into practice and get feedback

Depending on the purpose and audience, you will publish the courses to specific interfaces such as: a private online training system, an online library of an enterprise, etc.

One of the very important issues is getting feedback from staff and students about your newly published course. It is also possible to edit according to the needs and tastes of most employees to get the best training effect.

To get quality and effective E-learning lectures, your business needs to put in the time and effort it deserves. Hopefully, with the process of building E-learning lectures that Acabiz suggests, your business will build a quality course, a reasonable and effective learning path for its employees.

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