The importance of soft skills training for SMEs

Training soft skills for employees is one of the important tasks not only for large enterprises but also for SMEs. By mastering soft skills, employees will complete assigned tasks more quickly and efficiently.

According to research, 90% of jobs today come from SMEs. However, most business owners find it difficult to recruit staff because they do not have enough skills. Many employees only have hard skills, the rate of being equipped with soft skills is quite low. This is a big challenge for businesses. That is why soft skills training programs for employees have received much attention from many business owners today.

Lack of soft skills severely affects growth rate

Experts confirm that soft skills and attitude account for 90% of job success. However, in reality, most employees of enterprises today lack a lot of soft skills.

The importance of soft skills training for SMEs

Not being equipped with the necessary soft skills slows down each employee's work. As a result, the work efficiency of the entire enterprise is reduced. According to 2018 data, the working efficiency of a Vietnamese citizen is only 1/40 of that of a Singaporean. This leads to the situation that businesses cannot develop but can only maintain, the revenue growth rate does not change much, or even decrease. Many businesses have realized this, but solving this problem is not easy.

Soft skills training for employees

To be able to complete the work on schedule, with quality assurance, employees need to master essential soft skills. The training of employees in SMEs is very important.

Acabiz understands that many Vietnamese businesses are looking for a soft skills training solution for their business but don't know where to start. Understanding this, Acabiz solution provides businesses with soft skills courses for employees. Only with a low budget, businesses can still achieve high efficiency in training.

Soft skills are trained for employees

With courses in the soft skills training program, employees will be equipped with essential skills that need to be used proficiently at work. The program includes the most essential courses that any profession needs.

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Soft skills training in business

Office computer skills

Office computing is considered as one of the important skills for any employee. Employees will learn office computing  with basic software such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, ... to use when needed.

Using these skills proficiently, employees will know how to present correctly, specifically, and easily to understand. Report data accurately, professionally, avoid confusion. Although these are just basic skills, if they are not understood, employees will spend a lot of time applying them to their daily work.

Communication skills - how to behave in an office environment

Communication skills - behavior in the workplace is also one of the things that need training for employees. Studies show that employees with pleasant, happy co-worker relationships are up to 20% more productive at work than other employees. In addition, understanding as well as having good communication skills will help teamwork become faster and more effective.

However, communication skills also need to be trained so that each employee can communicate, behave positively, and build supportive co-worker relationships. These skills not only help employees improve their productivity, but also help connect people and create internal solidarity.

Soft skills training for employees

Presentation skills - public speaking

In fact, giving presentations or speaking in front of a crowd is something that employees often have to do, especially with team leaders and managers. Therefore, this is also one of the skills that need to be trained for employees.

Staff with presentation skills - good public speaking will bring information to the audience in the most clear and specific way. Avoid making it difficult for the audience to understand, not capture important information.

Time management skills

This is definitely one of the things that should be noticed in soft skills training programs for employees. People with good time management skills will know how to arrange time with reasonable tasks. What is important to solve first, how much time to spend on work is reasonable. And will not encounter overload, stress at work.

Each SME business with different characteristics will need to build different sets of soft skills. However, whether it is a large or small business, soft skills training for employees is not to be missed. If your business is looking for an optimal solution, immediately contact Acabiz via hotline 0904.88.6098 for advice on building the most optimal training program. 

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