How to make effective use of the first hour of work

The best way to use the first hour is what most employees look for. Because, if you do not have a specific plan, it is not easy to start work in the first hours .

Every morning is a time for each employee to get inspired and plan accordingly for the day. However, not all employees can use it effectively. Most people drink coffee, eat breakfast, read the morning news to stay awake. But in fact, these things do not inspire inspiration, but on the contrary, consume your time. So how to use the first hours of work effectively? Let's find out with Acabiz through the article below.

Use the first hour of work for what's important

Spend the first hour of work on the important work you need to get done. It could be one or more things that are rated as “high value”. They are directly related to the set goals and plans.

How to make effective use of the first hour of work

Getting important work done in the first hours of work keeps employees motivated to tackle the rest of the day.

Make a plan & to-do list

Planning and to-do lists for the day is one way to make good use of the first hour of work. This will help employees determine how to arrange the work in the most reasonable way. This will also avoid missing work that needs to be done. Employees will therefore also have an orientation to work for the whole day.

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Start early

Surveys show that 80% of managers and executives of large companies get up early and come to the company early every day. They show up at the office and immediately get to work. Instead of spending time eating breakfast, reading the news, etc. at the beginning of working hours, they immediately start their work.

This habit allows employees to make the most of their working time. In addition, they can also be highly focused and the tasks are performed continuously, bringing the best results.

Effective time management

Estimated time for each activity

If you can choose what to do in the first hours of work, setting a time limit to get the work done is a good use of the first hour. Determining the time for the tasks will be the motivation for you to complete the work in the most effective way.

To get the most accurate and economical estimate, think about what you need to do to get it done. Approximately how long will it take to get those things done? Plus, from practice, you will have more experience to estimate the time for those tasks next time.

Do the hardest work

Doing the hardest work in the first hours of work is not necessarily a bad way. Although the job is quite difficult, the morning after waking up is the time when you have a lot of energy and do not have to deal with any work.

Although it will be a bit difficult to solve the problem, but if you solve it, you will feel lighter with the rest of the day's work. This will give you a great feeling of having accomplished something worthwhile.

Effective time management methods for employees

There are many employees who admit that every morning, it takes them a long time to get started. That is, they have spent a fair amount of time in their working time. It also means that work performance is significantly reduced.

The above methods to effectively use the first hour of work will hopefully help you make the most of your time. In addition, managers also need to equip their employees with soft skills related to time management and work arrangement. To ensure employees get the most optimal work performance for themselves as well as for the business. 

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