How to optimize working time for employees

Methods to optimize working time for employees are the key to solving the problem of improving work performance. However, not all businesses have effective methods.

Many employees have admitted that they spend about 20% more hours working from home but still get the job done. This surprising number shows that most employees are spending too much time on work but still not achieving the desired effect. So what is the solution? Find out how to optimize working time for employees with Acabiz through the article below.

Plan everything, even the smallest thing

One of the most effective ways to manage time effectively is to teach employees to keep a to-do list and plan for each task.

Methods to optimize working time for employees

All the smallest tasks such as answering emails, writing work reports, etc. should be recorded in a list. Attached is a plan to do that work when, for how long. A full work schedule will avoid missing work and a detailed plan will help employees complete what they have set out. From practice, employees will also learn from experience to have a more accurate plan.

Management can suggest to employees to study according to the Eisenhower matrix method of the late US president. Classify and organize the tasks into groups:

- Tasks to do immediately: Urgent and important         

- Tasks that need to be planned to do: Important but not urgent         

- Tasks can be handed over to others: Urgent but not important         

- Eligible quests: Neither urgent nor important         

Based on the classified work groups, employees can arrange the work in a reasonable way and have the optimal solution, saving time but bringing high efficiency.

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Break the work down into small pieces and stay focused in a short amount of time

Seeing the workload is so large that employees are sometimes overwhelmed and don't know where to start. This is also a leading cause of wasted time. The Pomodoro Method is a way to maximize the working time of your employees.

Effective time management

Pomodoro is a method to maximize concentration for work. The principle of this method is to divide tasks into small, easily solved parts and set a time limit for each part to complete. Includes the following steps:

· Step 1: Select the to-do        

· Step 2: Divide the work into smaller pieces. Set the completion time for each part, usually about 20-25 minutes/part.        

· Step 3: Get the job done in time set        

· Take a few minutes break before embarking on the next part        

· Step 5: Rest and prepare for the next job        

According to the process, the completion seems quite time consuming in between sections. However, this is far less than the amount of time employees spend trying to get things done. In addition, taking time off will reduce pressure on the brain, helping employees to focus more and be more effective while completing work.

This method can be applied to managers with huge workloads. This method of optimizing working time will take you out of the confusion, leading to the highest efficiency.

Set limits for yourself

Having too much work and not having a specific arrangement method is what makes employees spend more time, even outside working hours at the company.

Optimizing working time for employees

Set limits for yourself in terms of quality or quantity. With tasks, challenge yourself with deadlines you've never met before. New challenges will bring you excitement at work. Having a new limit will make employees more excited about their jobs.

On the contrary, give yourself a time limit to work. During work time, focus fully, but after work, put work aside, spend time developing yourself, for your family and building excitement for the next working day. This is also a good thing to do if you don't want to experience stress and mental decline.

The method of optimizing working time for employees is really not too difficult to implement. To improve work performance, managers need to guide their employees in appropriate methods. Besides, improving the capacity of its staff with courses on necessary skills in personnel training programs. 

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