4 steps to get closer to employees that the boss should "pocket"

Openness, sincerity and thoroughness are what any leader needs to develop a strong company. However, not everyone can do that because the boss has to manage a lot of employees. In the article below, we will share with you 4 steps to get closer to employees.

4 steps to get closer to employees

Step 1: Find out why employees avoid you

"We have a strong defense mechanism that creates a tendency to be cautious in communicating with people in higher positions of power. This is why the information you get from subordinates often have been filtered out many more layers than they really think," James Detert, professor of management at Johnson Cornell University once said about the workplace environment.

Find out why employees avoid you

There are many people who think that the silence of employees, not open to the boss will make the company unable to develop strongly. At that time, leaders need to find out the reasons why employees avoid you, fear you, dare not approach.

There are many reasons why employees choose to avoid and stay silent with their superiors:

- Due to your high position, employees are afraid to contact.

- Due to the face of a boss who is difficult to approach, aggressive or the personality of a violent and difficult leader.

- Because the leader doesn't go to many departments and agencies, it makes it difficult for employees to communicate with you.

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Step 2: Show sincerity

Next step in the process 4 steps to get closer to employees that you need to keep in mind is to show sincerity. After you find out why employees are always alienated, not open and comfortable when talking with leaders, sincerity is very important.

The door to the room that is always open with the invitation to the staff will be the first breakthrough if you want to improve the problem. Don't wait until the employee gets inspired and knocks on your door to have a conversation for a few minutes.

There are many ways to show sincerity that are:

- Leaders should have lunch with company employees.

- Regularly ask what your employees like and don't like from you.

- Outside of working hours, bosses and employees can be friends, go out together, go out for drinks.

Step 3: Remove taboos

If there's any cause, problem, or type of feedback that you're barring employees from expressing, you need to change that right away. Let employees express their thoughts, give good plans and ideas for the company.

Remove taboos in meetings

Not only that, you can observe and talk to them about their problems.

Step 4: Increase engagement

The last of the 4 steps to getting closer to your employees is this: If you want to be closer to your employees, try to understand them. There are many ways to understand employees such as participating in cultural activities, teambuilding.

Once your employees don't feel attached to you and the company, they will never make comments about you. Therefore, at the office, you should create certain impacts so that employees see you as a sociable leader.

Benefits from open and close contact with employees

Many leaders often think that they are too busy and do not have time to meet employees. But they don't write that if the process is built 4 steps to be closer to employees then they will have a lot of benefits:

- Employees will have a quality view of their leader. They will find themselves under the authority of an enthusiastic, understanding boss. From there, I will work hard and build a strong company.

- You will have an overall and transparent view with the company's personnel. People will have a better awareness of their boss and believe that they are in the right place and have faith in the company.

- Conversations and communication with employees will help you create a huge amount of information about the company's human resources situation. You will know what your employees are pressing about but do not dare to speak directly to you so that there are better solutions for the company.

- Leaders who are open and approachable will help employees feel respected so that they can be more dedicated to the company.

Leaders need to understand what employees need

- No matter how big a company and how many employees, it is extremely important that the boss is open and friendly. As long as you are friendly with one employee, all other employees will feel that they are respected. Treat your employees well at all times, so that they can give you their best work.

With 4 steps to get closer to employees that we share, hope you will be more successful in maintaining the corporate culture, attracting many good employees to contribute to building profits, revenue, and success of the company. company.