Decision making skills "top notch"

The skill of making quick and accurate decisions is one of the keys to help you open the door to success. However, not everyone can do this. In the following article, let's learn the skills that complement the most effective decision making!

Evaluate gain and loss

Every time you make a decision, you need to think, hesitate, put up, put down and lose a lot of opportunities. Therefore, when making a certain decision, you need to weigh the benefits and harms, put them on the scale and consider the results.

Considerate decisions carefully

But perhaps, this is never that simple. The question is how can we accurately determine “gains and losses” when it is difficult to identify objective and subjective factors that can affect your problem.

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Consult others

This decision-making skill will help you avoid subjective, one-sided actions. Especially, for decisions that affect many people and have great value, expert opinions will be a valuable reference and help you avoid future omissions. Not only that, when you consult someone, listen and respect their opinion.

However, you should be aware that not everyone who gives advice is trustworthy. You should only receive such opinions from relatives and people you trust. For example, while you are deciding whether to choose option A or B, consider the opinion of your manager, because they will give you valuable professional advice.

Get a quick grasp of new prospects

The next decision-making skill you should have in your pocket is pinpointing old problems and new opportunities. Take a reasonable amount of time to identify specific situations, put the problems in the order they need to be solved, and don't rush to make a decision right away. If necessary, break down problems for easy resolution. Then you take a step back to see the problem in a new way.

That is, each decision you have to look to the future, and the past is for reference only. A good leader is one who learns from his failed decisions in the past and exploits the ideas of others.

Analyze each option you choose

Consider at least 5 solutions when developing a problem solving skill. You are always creative and thinking of alternatives, do not miss a single idea.

Analyze each decision logically

For each option you choose, consider the positives and negatives, who will this option affect, what will happen, whether this option is suitable for the goal, your long term strategy or not.

Write down your decision

Please note in your notebook why you made this decision at the time, whether it was the most perfect decision-making skill or not. That way, you can remember your decision at all times and remind yourself why you made it.

Announcing the decision

Once you have considered your options carefully, now is a very important time for you to communicate your decisions and beliefs to those involved. Therefore, when announcing the decision you need to plan fully, clearly, accurately and persuasively

Be firm with your decision

Once you've made a decision, follow it along the way, don't be swayed by any opinions. Don't give up and make a different decision when you start working in 5 minutes.

In the end, you'll find that all you need to do is jump from one decision to another without any results. If you want to be a good manager, you need to improve your decision-making skills and be firm with your choices, but don't follow a conservative, non-collective leadership style.

Implementation and review

The next decision-making skill is that you need to focus on making your decisions. Do not hesitate, hesitate, think when making that decision because it will make you nervous, which can lead you to make wrong decisions.

Evaluate and review the decision made

After you've worked through each small step of the decision, re-evaluate the results or talk to others to add ideas that work more effectively.

The right decision making skills are very important to your success. Procrastination, anxiety sometimes too safe will lose good opportunities in the future. If you heed our tips above, you will gradually become a more assertive person and make better decisions. Good luck!