The reasons why the boss makes the decision to fire an employee

Laying off employees is something that neither the boss nor the employee want. But there are a number of reasons why your boss has no choice but to make the decision to fire.

Making the decision to fire an employee is not an easy thing for a manager or person responsible for human resources. This is especially difficult mentally as well as affecting the whole business. However, there are good reasons why a boss must make the decision to fire an employee. Let's go Acabiz Find out these reasons through the article below.

Not working well

This is one of the common reasons why bosses fire employees. No matter what department you are in, what task you do in the department, your main purpose is to enter the company to work. Therefore, when you do not bring any results from your work or the performance is too bad, you will likely be put on the list of fired. This is also understandable. From an executive perspective, there's no reason to keep someone who isn't growing the organization.

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The reasons why the boss made the decision to fire an employee

Publicly opposing your boss

Remember that contributing to the best results is completely different from openly opposing your boss. You cannot stand up to confront, raise your voice to your boss to defend your opinion, or humiliate your boss in front of so many people. Still contributing, but in more subtle ways. The problem lies in communication, problem-solving and negotiation skills. If you are a delicate and skillful person, you can meet your boss privately to present your views.

Disclosure of company information

In business, information and strategies are very important. Whether accidentally or intentionally, your disclosure of secrets and strategies can be one of the reasons why your boss decides to fire an employee. With strategies and plans, avoid discussing with colleagues or mentioning in gatherings. Maybe in 1 minute you accidentally mention it, the consequences can be huge. This will not only get you fired, but also lose trust from others.

Fire employees

Having a negative attitude during work

You may not be good enough, but your attitude is what determines what you can achieve. And a negative attitude in the work process can also become the reason why the boss decides to fire an employee. You are an employee who often comes late, violating the company's regulations. You also often work separately during working hours, have a bad attitude towards colleagues, are not enthusiastic at work, always blame others, have a reluctant attitude to the assigned tasks, etc. amend immediately if you do not want to be on the list of fired employees. Because no manager wants to have employees with negative attitudes in the business to influence others.

Can't fit into the corporate culture

According to an investigation by Jobsite - a British online recruitment website, there are 2 out of 3 employees who quit their jobs due to reasons of not being able to get along with the collective, unable to work with the team. penetrate the company culture. When this happens, employees become lost in the group, leading to reduced work efficiency, employees themselves also fall into a state of stress. In addition, the inability to fit in is the reason why work never turns out well.

Features in corporate culture are often set out so that a lot of people can integrate. If you cannot integrate, the problem may lie in the employees themselves who are not ready to receive, have prejudices against the business.

The process of laying off employees

No effort, self-development

Everything works to grow with time. So are businesses. While the business is growing day by day but you are still standing at the same place, even tend to go backwards, the efficiency is reduced, you do not have the knowledge and skills to cultivate yourself. This will become a hindrance in business. At this point, there is no longer any reason for the business to keep you.

However, businesses often have employee training programs. Take advantage of it to develop with your own efforts. Plus, learn from multiple sources for self-development. This not only helps you not to get fired, but also helps you to increase your bonus if you get better results.

Laying off employees is something no one wants. So there are reasons employees need to know and avoid to have a smooth working process anywhere.

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