What is HR? Positions in the HR industry

HR is an indispensable part and plays an important role in every business.

HR is one of those commonly seen phrases. However, what is HR and what are the positions in the HR industry or what are the characteristics of this position, not everyone knows. Let's learn about these issues with Acabiz through the article below.

What is HR?

HR stands for the phrase Human resources. This is the department responsible for the activities and work related to human resources in the company or enterprise. The HR department carries out activities such as recruiting, training, developing human resources, ensuring policies and benefits of the enterprise as well as building a working environment for employees in the enterprise.

What is HR? Positions in the HR industry

Therefore, the HR department plays an important role and is closely related to all activities taking place in each enterprise.

Positions in the HR industry

Depending on the size and development strategy of each organization or enterprise, the structure and positions of the human resources department will be different. However, positions and duties in the HR industry will include the following positions.

a. Chief Human Resources Officer  

This is the number one position in the HR industry. This position is responsible for managing and supervising all aspects of human resources of the entire enterprise. This is also the position with managers to build human resource development strategies in line with the development orientation of the organization. Therefore, the person holding this position needs to have certain capabilities and a long-term strategic vision.

Positions in the HR industry

b. HR manager (HR manager) 

The position of Head of Human Resources Department has the role of coordinating, planning and directly supervising the activities of the HR department, ensuring the job is done smoothly and professionally. In addition, the Head of Human Resources is also responsible for supervising and supporting subordinates in completing assigned tasks.

This position in the HR industry is also one that requires in-depth knowledge, many related soft and professional skills, and relative work experience.

c. Human Resource Administration (HR admin)  

The position of administrative - human resources in the enterprise in the enterprise will be responsible for all activities related to personnel in the enterprise. Paying attention to the lives of employees, connecting employees in the enterprise together. In addition, the implementation of internal communication programs, activities to improve the spiritual life of the whole enterprise and other activities.

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d. Recruitment Specialist 

Recruitment specialist is one of the most popular positions in the HR industry. However, this position also requires many skills related to communication, connecting with candidates, employers, interviewing skills, and assessing candidate's capacity. The most important task is still to find suitable personnel for positions in the enterprise. At the same time, develop job descriptions and requirements for employees in the company.

The role of HR in the business

e. Training and Development Specialist  

This is the person who will be responsible for the planning, development and implementation of personnel training programs. The result of this process is the improvement of the quality of human resources in the enterprise.

In the enterprise, this position is currently being interested by many businesses because of the importance of the training process in the enterprise. In addition, training is also an important process that determines the survival of enterprises in this era. Therefore, a position in this industry also requires a full range of skills, knowledge and constant updating in the current training trend.

f. Salary and Benefits Specialist (C&B — Compensations and Benefits Specialist)  

This is an important position in the HR industry. This position is responsible for observing, managing and working with the manager to build a salary and bonus for all employees. As well as building and developing employee benefits.


HR and positions in the HR industry are an important part of every business. Attention, structure building and capacity building for the HR department plays an important role of managers. Therefore, businesses should focus on personnel training and recruitment. In addition, it is extremely necessary to train the HR department to participate in human  resource management courses  .

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