In fact, it is the boss's fault that passive employees are at fault

Passive employee is the boss's fault? is a question that partly confirms that the employee's inability to develop comes from the boss. So what is the most accurate answer to this problem, let's find out more clearly in the article below.

Passive employee is the boss's fault?

In a working environment, it is difficult for all employees to develop their capabilities equally, but there will be smart people, good people, quick people, and passive people. In particular, passivity can be caused by a number of reasons. So, is the passive employee the cause of the boss?

Actually, the answer to this question has 2 answers, which are yes or no. Why do you say that? because passivity is a human trait, it can be related to nature like some other personality such as: timid, quiet, hyperactive, confident… Therefore, if the employee's passivity is comes from themselves, from the person they are, the cause is not the boss.

The passive employee may or may not come from the boss

And if an employee from a very active person suddenly becomes passive, the boss needs to reconsider, because the cause may come from himself. During the working process, the way policies, the way to exercise the authority, the working environment can affect the character and the way to perform the work of the employee. Maybe at first, they are very enthusiastic and talkative, but due to excessive pressure or compulsion, they become passive.

The boss makes employees passive

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If the answer to the question Passive employee's fault is the boss If yes, then leaders and managers need to reconsider and see what causes their employees to have such a working attitude. According to the general assessment, there are the following basic reasons:

The boss is too “done”

Understood implementation here means that the boss only works hard to put the work from the top down for employees, no listening, no feedback. Because the boss thinks that I am a superior, I have a higher background of knowledge and skills, so it is right for me to "do" like this for employees.

In fact, this is a less intelligent and efficient way of doing things. The fact that the boss constantly imposes work on employees without communication will make them feel like a machine, obeying and following. Over time, the way of working is extremely passive, one-way, non-interactive. And of course, the effect will be lost a lot.

The boss is hard at work putting down the employees making them become more and more passive

The boss is too perfectionist

What causes The fault of the staff is the boss next is the boss is too perfectionist, meticulous, this is pushed so much that they do not believe in the ability of the subordinates. Usually, the boss will be afraid of the employee doing the wrong thing and only work hard to "find the leaves", even have no trust with the employee and stand up for the employee. And of course, employees going to work are no different from going out, passive and dependent.

The boss is authoritarian

Authoritarian dictatorship, too much self-esteem is also one of the reasons why employees under the boss become passive. Even, instead of being passive, employees will be reactive because they are too angry.

Therefore, in the process of working, the boss must put his ego down, see the work process as a process of cooperation and coordination to complete the work. Try to listen to your employees and create opportunities for your employees to reach their full potential.

A boss who is authoritarian will cause passive or frustrated employees to give up work

Through the above knowledge and assessment, it is easy to see Passive employee's fault is the boss may or may not. It is important for the boss to have a general and specific view of his work process, to find out the reasons why his employees become passive in the way they work.