How to deal with competition within the company

There are many people who believe that living and working in a competitive environment will help people instinctively compete with others. However, internal competition and rivalry causes serious consequences for the collective. In the following article, we share with you how to handle competition within the company properly.

Gather stakeholder views

Internal conflicts are inevitable for managers. But if you know how to face and solve it, it will help leaders show their own management capacity.

Internal competition is very harmful to the development of the company

Usually, many managers will resolve conflicts as soon as they dimly see hidden competition within the company. They accept that it will be difficult to please and please anyone, especially when employees are competing for their interests.

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Senior managers will collect the opinions of both parties to avoid making "exaggerations" and putting all the mistakes on one side, which is not fair. And in the case, if no one is wrong but due to the difference of opinion, misunderstandings can still arise. At this time, the leader will need to listen to the opinions and explanations of both in the most fair way.

Therefore, it is necessary to find the root of the problem to find a way to solve the competition within the company. Be a fair manager, listen carefully to each opinion of the parties without making any judgments. Then you try to put your position on each side and consider the solution.

Find the root cause of competition

After you've gathered your opinions, you'll build on them to better understand the source of the competition. In order to effectively solve the problem, you must not skip this step.

Internal competition arises from a small thing that accumulates over a period of time, when employees can't stand it will erupt, so you should be very wise to find the main cause. religion causes problems.

If you have a voice and are fully trusted by your staff, you can request more information around the conflict and try to locate the source of the problem as quickly as possible. However, you need to know that even as a manager, you are not allowed to break the barrier separating each employee's private life and work responsibilities.

Find out the source of competition among employees 

Understanding and fair to all parties 

Most employees never agree when their interests are not fair and the manager is biased towards one party. The best way to solve competition within the company is to understand the parties.

For example, the competition that occurs between the two sides of sales department A and business B is due to a disagreement of opinion, competing for new monthly sales, now you need to stand out and listen to opinions. The parties presented, explained to them and understood that it was necessary to compete with a healthy edge and cooperate for the comprehensive development of the company.

However, even with this understanding, it is still very difficult to "cool down" in competition with the majority of divisions. Because they have accumulated so much competition, it is very difficult for us to quell our “competitive instincts”.

Indicate the harmful effects of internal competition

After listening to the explanations given by the parties, you need to show them that what they are doing will cause a great loss to the development of the company. For example, sales and finance departments, order processing and bill of lading departments compete for monthly sales for bonuses, causing orders from the sales department to delay or delay the company's contracts.

Or the production department thinks that the business team decides on its own, doesn't do it, follows the production process in order to order more, reducing work efficiency. Due to the misunderstanding from the very beginning of this thinking causes unnecessary competition.

You need to analyze for everyone to understand the harmful effects of competition

Organize an exchange

The next way to solve the competition within the company is that you need to reduce the stress, cool down the bad competition among all employees by organizing exchange sessions to ease the heart. surname. Not only that, through the exchange, the parties will be open to exchange development orientations for each other, both outline important steps for themselves and help each other develop comprehensively.

With the above sharing, we believe that you have gradually outlined for yourself how to solve the competition within the company in the most intelligent and effective way. Hope that you will always be alert and flexible to become a leader, smart manager, talented to help the company develop strongly.